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“definitions of nothing” (excerpt) by karo szmit

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Minimalism is not a style, it is an attitude, a way of being. It’s a fundamental reaction against noise, visual noise, disorder, vulgarity. Minimalism is the pursuit of the essences of things, not the appearance.

Massimo Vingelli 

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Everybody keeps on repeating to himself: I am confident.
Why? What are you hiding? If this confidence that you talk about is really there then there is no need to say anything about it.
A really confident man is not even aware of it.
This has to be understood — whenever something is false you are aware of it, self-conscious.
When something is real, you simply forget it.
Do you remember that you are breathing? If something goes wrong, yes. If it is hard and there is something wrong with your lungs and you have a cold or asthma, then you remember that you are breathing.
But when everything goes okay, you are not conscious.
When you are really confident, confidence is forgotten.


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